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“I did not even have the opportunity to take off my seatbelt before I was literally blindsided with this unnecessary attack.

I immediately pulled over for the Worthington squad car and before I knew what was happening I was beat and ripped from my vehicle." The Worthington Police Department was surprised by this video Thursday and did not immediately respond for comment after it was shared with the department.

According to the criminal complaint, Worthington Police Officer Colby Palmersheim was driving his squad car when Promvongsa pulled up behind him "at a high rate of speed.

Promvongsa was so close that Palmersheim could not see the hood of Promvongsa's vehicle." The officer claims Promvongsa was attempting to pass him, so he moved over slightly, at which point Promvongsa swerved toward his car, says the report.

And all that was on my face when I pushed him up,” Naughright would later say in a court deposition in a suit against the University of Tennessee (more on this in a bit).

When Promvongsa doesn't immediately emerge, Joswiak begins to knee and punch him. "Promvongsa was not given proper time to obey the officer’s orders before excessive force was used against him," said Teresa Nelson, executive director of the ACLU, in a statement.

“Agent Joswiak’s use of force against Anthony Promvongsa is disturbing and completely unnecessary.

Even if Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup against the Carolina Panthers “might be his last rodeo,” he scans as the same affectless dude that enjoys nothing more than humming variations on the Nationwide jingle. How do you know when Manning is legitimately worried?

One thing in particular that he’s totally not worried about is the NFL’s probe into the allegations that he used human growth hormones. He gets angry, and vindictive, and he absolutely will not let go.

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