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It’s come together perfectly and we are all excited to see how we do at the World Cup! What’s that feeling of anticipation like before any roster is announced?

CM: We’ve become a family here, so of course hearing the roster, alternates and cuts was never going to be easy.

It is one of the rarest which can be found in the wild, with odds of such creatures being born at one in a million, and just a handful thought to be living in the UK.

Wildlife and conservation experts have hailed the sighting an incredible and exciting discovery.

Did you give her any advice before she headed up to Canada, a.k.a. CM: Yes, I told her to be easy with the Canadians and to keep her jokes to a minimum for the first while.

And Charlotte Owen, Conservation Officer at the Sussex Wildlife Trust, told Mail Online: 'It is rare because it carries the recessive genetic mutation meaning both of its parents have the leucism gene.'Grey white squirrels are more common in Sussex.No matter who is officially on the roster, we have benefited from everyone’s energy and time here for our World Cup goals.You wish it was more than 21, but having said that we are completely happy and confident with the roster we have! AWK: You competed at the 2002 U-19 Women’s World Cup in Canada and may represent your country at another WWC on home soil in 2015.We have [two] days left and just like we’ve made every day count I know these last few are just as crucial.The best part about our preparation is that there has been so much time put into intelligent progressions both tactically and physically.

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