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The editions include glosses of difficult words and short introductions on the history of the work, its merits, points of topical interest and brief bibliographies.Proposals or completed projects to be considered for publication by Medieval Institute Publications should be sent to Simon Forde, director and managing editor, or the series editor, Russell Peck.Born to the highest nobility in his native Savoy, he was well known in the courts of both France and England, and he spent the better part of his career in the service of the English king. x 406 ISBN 978-1-58044-206-0 (paperback) .95Buy this book Edited and translated by Susanna Fein, with David Raybin and Jan Ziolkowski London, British Library MS Harley 2253 is one of the most important literary books to survive from the English medieval era.In rarity, quality and abundance, its secular love lyrics comprise an unrivaled collection.

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And digging beyond these English gems, one readily discovers more prizes—less-well-known ones—in French and Latin: four fabliaux (the largest set from medieval England), three lives of Anglo-Saxon saintsand a wealth of satires, comedies, debates, interludes, collected sayings, conduct literature, Bible stories, dream interpretations and pilgrim guides.Chandler "The King of Tars" is a short Middle English poem that emphasizes ideas about race, gender and religion.It is neither a saint's life or a romance, nor a political drama or a miracle tale.Medieval Institute Publications at Western Michigan University publishes the TEAMS Middle English Texts series, which is designed to make available texts that occupy an important place in the literary and cultural canon but have not been readily obtainable in student editions.The focus is on Middle English literature adjacent to such major authors as Chaucer or Malory.

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