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'In the future when they want a job, 90 per cent of employers will do a Google search and if they find a naked picture they will think, if they were that silly five years ago have they really changed.''We have investigated the Groups brought to our attention and can confirm that the admins are active in removing any violating content and blocking those responsible, as well as reporting any spam and nudity violations.The Nigerian dating scams target the lonely and vulnerable.In the lawsuit, Jones claims he first told school and district officials that he was considering enlisting in the military during the 2015-2016 school year, but had not made a final decision.The lawsuit claims that over the first three years, he received “overall effective summative evaluations” and “exemplary reviews for all his observations.” In August 2015, Principal Richard Kolton wrote a letter of recommendation for Jones, which was included in the lawsuit, saying he had “developed a wealth of experience working with children as he has enthusiastically advocated for healthy living and physical fitness.” He added, “He is dedicated to the school and his enthusiasm is apparent.” The lawsuit claims that at the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Jones talked to Kolton who, he said, told him he would be renewed for the upcoming school year, and therefore would obtain tenure.

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Go to my profile please and watch my movies if you want.'The report said that the photo messaging service Snapchat may encourage youngsters to share revealing pictures of themselves, because they're reassured by the fact the photos are immediately deleted after sending.

The letter says that starting in February, Jones’ “effort significantly diminished and you presented a ‘checked-out’ attitude.” Some examples Hobaugh cites in the letter include issues with lesson plans, following school rules for security, and “parents reporting that work was turned in and lost by the teacher.” Hobaugh also claims in the letter that Jones had not met with his temporary replacement, or left lesson plans or directions for his classes.

“The items listed above are not things that would necessarily show up in a classroom evaluation report but instead represent the complete picture and the reason why we have concerns about whether you should be awarded a tenure contract,” Hobaugh says.

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