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These mariachi musicians developed new practices, such as performances in plazas and restaurants.

However, it also continued its more traditional venues such as serenades, and performances at major family events.

This was a common explanation on record jackets and travel brochures.

The musical style began to take on national prominence in the first half of the 20th century, with its promotion at presidential inaugurations and on the radio in the 1920s.The Europeans introduced their instruments to use during Mass, but they were quickly adapted to secular events.Indigenous and mestizo peoples learned to play and make these instruments, often giving them modified shapes and tunings.The Charro outfit was also used in the national Orquestra Típica Mexicana (Mexican Typical Orchestra), organized in 1884 by Carlo Curti, and touring the United States and Mexico as part of a presentation of nationalism for the Mexican president Porfirio Diaz.After the Mexican Revolution, many haciendas had to let workers go, including mariachis.

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