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Complaints have been received from consumers in Indiana, Texas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Ohio.

The products subject to recall were manufactured in USSTC’s Franklin Park, IL facility and distributed nationally.

This is supposed to tell you how long you can expect it to be fresh.

Example: FRESH UNTIL JUL 01 2006 (No further explanation needed) Skoal Bandits: If anyone still uses these, Bandits have the week of the year followed by the year, this is when the product was made.

Also, in case you’re wondering how dip compares to Swedish Snus, I’ll be writing a blog entry within the next few days which outlines some of the key differences between the two, so stay tuned!Pretty soon the dip began creating quite a bit of juice, much more than when I tried out Copenhagen fine cut.A few minutes later, I spit some of the juice into my Mud Jug, which I highly recommend getting if you’re an avid dipper as it makes cleanup so much easier.I kept my pinch in for about half an hour before I felt that the flavor was really beginning to subside.If you’re new to dip, be careful with this brand, as if you use to much you may experience some nausea which can be quite unpleasant.

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