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About 30-50% of all cases of cirrhosis are this type.

Nine out of every 10 people who have nutritional cirrhosis have a history of alcoholism.

Some surgeons are recommending as of 2003 that patients scheduled for weight-reduction surgery have a liver biopsy to evaluate the possibility of liver damage.

Poor nutrition increases a person's risk of developing cirrhosis.

A doctor who suspects cirrhosis may order blood and urine tests to measure liver function.

Because only a small number of healthy cells are needed to carry out essential liver functions, test results may be normal even when cirrhosis is present.

Portal or nutritional cirrhosis is the form of the disease most common in the United States.

Their disease is detected during a routine physical or when tests for an unrelated medical problem are performed.

This type of cirrhosis can also be detected when complications occur (decompensated cirrhosis).

A patient's medical history can reveal illnesses or lifestyles likely to lead to cirrhosis.

Liver changes can be seen during a physical examination.

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