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In the sixth year of my marriage, I discovered that my wife was having an affair.

We chose a pool that was less crowded and kind of hidden away on the Aloha Deck.

He had directed his question to Angel as he stood by her chair, smiling down at her.

Angel's obviously erect nipples were pressed tightly against the nearly transparent top of her bathing suit.

I started kissing her on her stomach, inching my way, closer to her sweet pussy.

He must have shot at least three loads in there, not to mention the two he left up my ass for you! My bride was not only admitting being unfaithful to me on our wedding night, but she was encouraging me to clean up her ravaged, cum filled pussy afterward! She tangled her fingers in my hair and held me tight against her cunt, rubbing her clit, pussy lips and ass all over my face, smearing me with his and her wetness! She had set this up with Dan before we even came to the cabin. We sat out on the balcony, sipping coffee, watching the sun rise and talked about what we were going to do that day.

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