Cw 100r updating

We propose the use of the female connector (socket header) on the RF board and using the male connector (pin header) for the UI board.

(that way you have no power pins but power in sockets ...

This meant: depending on drive level, the PA section could in addition to the desired signal emit its own oscillations around 1MHz. The reason is that at the output of the LM2931 a minimum load is required to safely reach the "0V".

You can scrape the conductor next to the toroids and now solder the pulled end of the wire there.An assembly of these two components would only weaken the sensitivity of the receiver.The two pins of P6 could be extended with a few centimeters of wire and mounted in the housing so that later on you could easily reprogram the bootloader without having to disassemble half of the machine. Those who had already performed this mod, remove the wires, please.But we do have more than a few destroyed BFR93A in our German Project group at mc HFs where antiparallel diodes are left out. There is a design error in the SWR measuring bridge.The end of the many windings of T3, which currently goes to the RF side of the final stage, has to be pulled from its solder pad.

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