Dating for old fat ladys

It’s downright tough to leverage myself into a cluster of people waiting for drinks at a bar. Sometimes the skinny girl’s easy, fun night out in Hollywood is the fat girl’s night of stressful geographic strategy.On a more personal level, I’ve found that oftentimes, men can be cruel.I’ve been on the receiving end of some rather shocking insults I never would have dreamt a person could say.One I’ll never forget: “Your shape is not desirable to me.” At least he tried to make it sound like a business transaction.

And I think that in the end, what people fail to remember is that we all have our abnormalities — our flaws.

Another I will never forget, but not because it was so tactful: “I would have sex with you, but I’d never be able to introduce you to my friends or family.” I’m not an alien!

In fact, I happen to be a very friendly person with a solid sense of humor.

Some of them are just out there for everyone to see.

Skinny girls have their own struggles when searching for love too.

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