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The exquisite water was the perfect way to cool down in the heat before a hearty launch of local fish.

Then the highlight of the day, a trip to Austrian co-operative farm Buschenschank where schnapps, cider and fruit juices are brewed, with plenty of taste tasting for everyone.

I was only 17 years old at the time and I suppose I found it a bit daunting as I was working with all men!

"Looking back Lewis's was run rather like that TV programme Are You Being Served?

We had a 'floor walker', and a dining room for managers only and separate toilets for management."You never called management by their Christian names, and some of them were known only as 'sir'."Our customers included businessmen, doctors, solicitors and people from other professions and some from none"My manager was Bill Cocker.

These were heady days and I remember them with a special fondness."I left in 1962 after being 'head-hunted' by Richard Wenlock and Jack Levi (not the solicitor!

After a quick two minute lesson on safety ropes we were unleashed on the zip wires (known as the Flying Fox) which ran from treetop to treetop, starting from a rocky outpost about 20 metres high.

A thrilling, painful and scary experience, it left us all covered in cuts, bruises and adreneline-filled smiles on our faces.

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"The gent's salon was a very busy place and quite a new innovation.A final, but dramatic stop, was the Pyramidenkogel, a 50 metre tower with 360 panoramic views across a valley of four lakes, mesmeric in the haze of the evening sunshine.Dinner and further schnapps was at a scenic spot back at Lake Worthersee where we were serenaded by the restaurant boat-chaffeur driver.The Austrian philosophy appears to be a very wholesome one with rigorous outdoor activity and plenty of meat and vegetables at the core of everyday existence.But at night it is a different picture as the bottles of schnapps are broken open and a lengthy process of downing the 40 per cent spirit begins.

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