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) seems to be one of the most well known massage parlors for foreigners visiting or living in Taipei.

English speakers refer to it by all sorts of alternative names including 75 Massage and Blue Minquan Massage but I’m not exactly sure why.

The masseuse will then provide a fairly decent massage that lasts quite sometime.

It’s unlikely that any major back ailment will be cured during this service but it’s not nearly as poor as some of the perfunctory or nonexistent massages provided at some parlors in places like Bangkok.

While these are of a higher quality than is normally seen in a massage parlor they are too tiny for all but the smallest of feet.

That’s because they’re too little to hold any more.The glass doors are marked “24H” with large red letters indicating that the parlor is indeed open around the clock.Immediately upon entering customers find a front counter and a small couch.Customers can request a specific masseuse by number when paying for their massage. The masseuses who work at Taizhilian Spa are relatively attractive.They wear revealing dresses over top of tiny panties that are often revealed when they do things like bending over to pick something up or climbing up stairs.

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