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It is the server processing resource required to compile videos that is expensive, so a reduction to, say, 48 hours would not [have] solve[d] the issue." Y-Cam has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its cloud storage infrastructure since 2011, a move which allowed it to increase its previous offer of lifetime rolling three-day storage to the recently retracted seven-day storage.The Register has contacted Y-Cam for further comment on the costs of its compute and storage, and also the ASA and Trading Standards.

The two (or perhaps at least three) crooks behind the theft didn't use bank cards, judging from security camera footage.Amazon notifies customers when the Cloud Cam is down for an extended period of time, and the company said it will release an update this week to speed up notifications if the camera goes down.The issue is not with the Amazon device, the company says, but a Wi Fi problem.Amazon told Geek Wire the issue does not pose a threat to customers.If the camera is offline, the Amazon Key service will not open the door, the company said.

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