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Its thirteen 50-foot letters are lit by four thousand 20 watt light bulbs.

Mines Field opens, two years later it is renamed Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Francis Dam collapses, temporarily cutting off power to the city.

Los Angeles abolishes its 150 foot height limit for buildings. The Minneapolis Lakers basketball team moves to Los Angeles and is renamed the Los Angeles Lakers.

Los Angeles population reaches 2.5 million, becomes third largest city in the country.

Flower St.), then in a room on Temple Street (with financial assistance from his mother).

Sends letter to draft board in New Orleans stating that he has no intention of reporting for induction due to his "personal philosophy." Draft board threatens to hand his case over to the U. Los Angeles gets live TV feeds from New York for the first time (via a coaxial cable that runs all the way across the country).

Aviator Charles Lindbergh arrives in Los Angeles and is given a parade through the city. The parade ends at the Los Angeles Coliseum where he gives a speech to 60,000 schoolchildren.

Lionel Sternberger invents the cheeseburger in Pasadena.

Returns to Los Angeles City College to take commercial art classes (night school, at the urging of his wife, who wants him to find a career) Barbara Frye buys a brand new 1957 Plymouth for Bukowski to use to find a better job. Box 75-451, Sanford Station (3751 W 6th St.), Los Angeles, 5, Calif.

He may have used the car to look for work, but mainly he sat in it outside of the Branden Street house and wrote and drank, sometimes spending the night in the back seat. The crash instills a fear of flying in 15 year old Pacoima Junior High student Ritchie Valens, who, along with Buddy Holly, would die in a plane crash two years later.

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