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When you’re out until three in the morning, shit happens.Daniel Boulud: The place was like a social club for chefs.Bruce: One of the first times my brother had left me in charge of the restaurant, we had an unruly, drunk table that was harassing Ellen.They were local guys from the social club down the street.There were several ethnic places you could go that were fun. Bruce Bromberg: That was the turning point, where the word started to get out to all the chefs. Anita Lo: I was really young at that time, and they were sweet to me.

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At the time, this simple idea was revolutionary — and the restaurant cultivated a clientele of regulars that included celebrities like Mariah Carey and Jerry Seinfeld, as well as the chefs who were, at that time, redefining restaurants in New York: Tom Colicchio, Mario Batali, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Jonathan Waxman, and more.They had a pupu platter, which we’d never heard of or seen before.We lived in a strict household, and no one messed around at the dinner table.David Brown, manager, Blue Ribbon Federal Grill: It was in the exact same space, but it was an entirely different concept than Blue Ribbon. James Shrum, bartender and partner, Blue Ribbon Brasserie: The Crystal Room was a grand failure. What we all learned is that it’s never just the food. We need to make a place that’s fun, and where people will want to come seven days a week.It had a more precious quality about it, with chandeliers and murals. Eric said he felt that he gave up the idea of what he and Bruce would like and conceded the front of the house to his partner. Ellen Bromberg, co-founder of Blue Ribbon Restaurants: Eric and Bruce had this crazy idea to have this really big menu.

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