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A number of these have been found, and several studied archaeologically, but none have provided such a detailed picture of sixteenth-century Spanish ships as the Santa Lucia.​when he traveled to Roanoke Island in 1585 on an expedition commanded by Sir Ralph Lane.In 1587, a second colony of 116 English settlers landed on Roanoke Island, led by White. Bermuda was believed to have been discovered by accident by Juan de Bermudez, Captain of La Garza, a Spanish vessel, part of a Spanish fleet sailing from Cadiz to Mexico.But because it was so small, the island group remained uninhabited and unsettled until 1609, except for the occasional shipwrecked mariner.1509.It was first recorded in European journals that in the early Islamic states of the western Sudan, including Ghana (7501076), Mali (12351645), Segou (17121861), and Songhai (12751591), about a third of the population were enslaved.It was reported in London and other journals that instead of ritually killing captured tribes or enslaving them themselves, African chiefs profited by selling them instead to Arab and European traders. In Spain a book of Spanish discoveries in the Caribbean published by Peter Martyr had a map (see below) of La Bermudas (or Garza, after the ship captained by Juan de Bermudez) well north of the Caribbean.The Kingdoms of Spain and Portugal were united, with the union lasting until 1640.

But this has been disputed by an American historian, apparently for cause, with the assertion that the Whatever, the devilish sounds were not demons but the cries - wild, eerie shrieks of sea and land birds, cahows indigenous to Bermuda and also likely, the sounds of hogs sqealing, not indigenous but landed there by sailors to provide food in the event of being shipwrecked.

The other score took two weeks to travel to the eastern end of the main island of Bermuda, where they found the other members of the shipwrecked crew.

Due to prickly pear, they were forced to cut up their hats to put them on their feet as soles, because their shoes were all ripped and torn.

Portugal was always friendly, as Britain's oldest allay, Spain's was periodically hostile.1584. The Spanish ship Santa Lucia was wrecked off Bermuda.

Captained by Juan Lopez, she had been part of a fleet of ships that had left Spain for the Indies in 1583.

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