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Maybe he is to afraid to commit because he has bad experience from the past, not because it’s not he’s type.

Have your own life and give him loads of personal time.

The more he realizes this, the more he will want to be with you.When he asks what exactly were you thinking, give him a vague answer and let him wondering what’s going on.Be careful though, you don’t want to scare him off!Have self confidence and be the master of your own life.If he wants to do stuff on his own, let him do it and show that you don’t care. It’s not true that they are intimidated by powerful women.

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    She was the fifth person to be assaulted by Elliott, according to testimony during the trial.

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    Do we really take kindly to people telling us what to do? Having read your 'issue' yang lebih kurang serupa juga dengan issue semasa I..I also point out your strength, that maybe useful for you as a thinking tool. I also need to say that this is all NOT a bad things. I am not incline to take the excuse pemalu on his part. Some people are not born with ability to express themselves clearly but there's a little or not more, indication of their true feelings. On the other hand, sit back and have a wonder, if you may have been a bit pushy.