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It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, Carol had showered and dressed in a short skirt, and thin T-shirt then suggested that they watch a DVD. Don’t confuse sex for fun with the sex act for procreation.

The one she chose had, as she well knew, some steamy lesbian scenes. A woman can give tremendous pleasure to another woman without worrying about precautions against pregnancy and that helps one to relax and it certainly isn’t painful.” “Mom, you sound as though you’ve had some experience of lesbian sex!

Two: Pauline wanted to have sex with her parents and would need all the help she could get.

“We will have a super sex family said Carol, everybody will be satisfied, just think, sex on tap.” Three days later the first part of the plan went into action. I know it is supposed to be nice, but I’ve heard girls say that it hurts and boys are so rough.” Brenda was quiet for a moment then she asked Carol if she’d ever heard of girls having sex with each other. ” “Sex is about two people giving and receiving carnal pleasure, they can be of the same sex.

Carol climaxed for the second time that evening, her vaginal juices running freely.

They were the perfect image of hot young females, sex in bloom.

She had a very well paid career as a research chemist and could easily have looked after her daughter on her own but she had decided that a child really needed two parents. Her husband Brian was 45 year old, was also a divorcee, and had custody of his son Tony, because his mother had been a drug addict.

She has such a nice ass and my cock isn't as big as her hubby's so I could give her a warm, wet rim job and finish us off with a slow, loving butt-fuck. God they are so in love i wish my husband if i get one will love me like this and fuck me as hard he does. The Woman is so very Beautiful All over A Very Beautiful Face A very Pretty Small Nose liked to have watched her pucker it very nicely at least once very Beautiful Smile on her Face Very beautiful Breasts if Big but Beautiful Very Beautiful Body and Figure and very Beautiful Bum.Carol had realized that her mom was lonely when she started getting more and more physical with her.She never missed a chance to sit close to her daughter or just stroking her in passing.They had the great fortune to love each enough to spend many evenings together, exploring each other’s bodies and finding out what they liked or did not like. She was also teasing the opening of her vagina with a finger, occasionally using it to stroke her clitoris.This treatment finally brought the result she was trying for.

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