Reporting online sexual abuse

Planning has also started for version 4 of the product, which will be known as I-CARE.

Funding for the database is provided by the European Commission.

For more advice, visit our Turn Back Crime website where you will find a list of links for further reading.

‘The underwear rule’ from the Council of Europe provides advice in a way that can be understood by young children.

The ICSE database allows investigators to upload material from their national databases, to compare against international records.

They analyse all data that can be drawn from the images in order to amass clues, identify any overlap in cases, and combine their efforts.

The identification of the young victims is a top priority for law enforcement, as it can also help identify the perpetrators.

Central to our efforts is the International Child Sexual Exploitation (ICSE) image database.

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ICSE is the International Child Sexual Exploitation image database.Be prepared to provide (as known): Call local law enforcement agency or 911 if the situation is a life-threatening emergency.A situation where a child is at immediate risk of abuse/neglect that could result in death or serious harm is considered an emergency.‘We see our close relationship with the ACMA as an important element in our overall strategy to turn the tide of child sexual abuse and exploitation online,’ said Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner, Graham Ashton.Commissioner Lay’s sentiments were echoed by Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner (Specialist Operations) Ross Barnett who said ‘Defeating the trade in illegal online material requires real cooperation between Commonwealth and State authorities.

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