Sql updating table values

Views can be used in place of tables in your Access front-end application, whether you're using an Access database or an Access project.

Views can also reference functions and other views.

It's great to get the extra features, but it makes it harder to nail down exactly what you can and cannot do with views.

Views have never in the past been able to contain parameters; however, as shown later in the chapter, user-defined functions can now be used like views, effectively allowing you to create parameterized views that return different results depending on the parameter values that get passed in each time the function is run.

This simplifies access to the data because the underlying query does not have to be written on the client and then submitted each time a report is run. Although you can set column-level security in SQL Server, it is tricky to maintain because it's pretty well buried in the table properties.

You may already have discovered that you can often greatly speed up Access reports by first saving the results of a complex record source query into a temporary table and then basing the report on that table rather than on the query. Row-level security must be defined at runtime because it's impossible to know what values a table will contain until then.

To change the value of 'advance_amount' of 'neworder' table with the following condition - 1.

modified value for 'advance_amount' is 'ord_amount'*.10, 2.

sql updating table values-81

For example, you could create a view for a salesperson that only displays her own orders, or you might create a view for the manager, who is only interested in seeing the total sales for each salesperson. Figure 9.1 shows the Permissions dialog box for vw Customeraddress List.

When a user selects data from the view, only the result set is passed over the network—all of the joins and aggregations are performed on the server, not on the client. Then grant appropriate permissions on the views for the users and roles you want to be able to access the data.

Views can also be used to hide the real column names or underlying schema of your tables.

A user can query a single view instead of having to learn complex join syntax and understand the structure of your database.

As far as the user is concerned, the view looks just like a table.

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