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The group responsible for his death, including the young lady who willingly lead him to it, were all convicted of murder in 2009.In the BBC3 project, John Boyega played Shakilus Townsend, Simona Zivkovska was Samantha Joseph, and Malachi Kirby was the older Danny Mc Lean. In the indie feature film project, the story will unfold via the POV of the girl, Samantha Joseph.Kasonkomona explained that he had been living with HIV for 15 years – “The last thing I want to see today or tomorrow is a person who is HIV negative today testing HIV positive tomorrow.” He argued that the abstinence campaign had not resulted in a reduction in HIV incidence, even among heterosexual people, and that every intervention to prevent HIV should be embraced, including decriminalising same-sex sexual practices and improving access to safer sex materials for LGBT persons.The prosecution then led the evidence of Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, the Director of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia.He concluded that Kasonkomona’s statement that it is not wrong to be homosexual, amounted to soliciting for immoral purposes.The prosecution requested a postponement to call further witnesses.

Evidence led by the State during Kasonkomona’s trial confirms suspicions that the arrest and prosecution of Kasonkomona was politically motivated.

The third witness called by the State was a detective who had been involved in the arrest of Kasonkomona.

The detective testified that he was already informed at on 7 April 2013 that an Assignment programme on gay rights would take place.

Mwanza testified that he had not personally watched the programme on 7 April 2013, but had received a call late that evening from Bishop Joshua Banda, Chairperson of the National AIDS Council, alerting him to the programme.

Mwanza testified that, having looked at reports of the programme on the internet, he was of the opinion that the views expressed by Kasonkomona were contrary to Christian values and the constitution.

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