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The large amounts of imported materials, parts, and capital equipment necessary to implement such a policy could not be paid for, owing to the country’s lack of foreign exchange.Standby credit facilities from the IMF provided the capital investment needed to initiate a rehabilitation of industry.Several lakes, especially Lake Victoria, are important sources of fish.Prawns are commercially fished in the Rufiji River delta, but coastal fishery is primarily of an artisanal nature.The loan’s conditions required the elimination of subsidies and price controls as well as some social services and staff positions in state-run enterprises.

The major food crops are corn (maize), rice, sorghum, millet, bananas, cassava (manioc), sweet potatoes, barley, potatoes, and wheat.Firewood and charcoal are the major domestic fuels, contributing to a growing concern about deforestation.Many Tanzanians are unable to access the main power grid.Of these, gold—which provided more than two-thirds of the country’s export earnings in the early 2000s—is by far the most lucrative.Other exports include agricultural products and materials, gemstones, and textiles.

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