Taylor lautner and selena gomez dating

After her family relocated to Tennessee, Swift put the country music industry on notice when she was discovered at a café night and offered a record deal.The young talent’s first single, “Tim Mc Graw” peaked at no.

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An insider tells Life & Style that Selena “could be pregnant,” which implies that the two are having a lot of sex these days. A woman can get pregnant after just one instance of intercourse, which is important for everyone to remember.) It seems that Bieber and Gomez realize there's just too much history between them.If the couple ends up having a boy, for example, an insider claims Selena "loves the name Jacob." Because she was a big fan of Taylor Lautner in The Twilight Saga? "She knows she wants a 'J' name that will fit perfectly with Justin," Life & Style writes, adding: "She has always wanted children with Justin." This does seem to be the case.Even though Gomez is coming off a fairly long-term relationship with The Weeknd, and even though Justin has seemingly slept with half the female population under 27, the stars have always seem drawn to each other.I made that bitch famous.” Swift expressed disapproval of this but was accused of acting like an innocent victim after Kim Kardashian released a video that showed Swift approving the lyrics to West’s song on the phone.Despite the critics, Swift continues to interact with her beloved and supportive fans, give to charity, perform, and remain on the dating scene, most recently with actor Tom Hiddleston, with whom she split in September 2016.

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