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As Tinder works to find matches within your chosen radius, there is always a slight worry that you might match with the same person as your friend, thus slightly affecting your chances of meeting the “one” and ensuring jealousy for both parties.

But what if there was an opportunity to both be in a relationship and work on said jealousy issues?

We’ve since moved in together which is helping things a lot more because I know I’ll get to see them both everyday.” Balancing your time well is the key to any successful relationship, but is perhaps even more important in a polyamorous relationship where more than one partner is involved.

Open relationships, although similar, often relate to couples who have relationships with other partners.Sex and intimacy with two partners can often mean that all of your needs are met, allowing each partner to contribute something new and different the relationship.Emotionally, you have the advice, support and love of two people, meaning you’re more open to new kinds of communication.Modern dating seems to be getting more and more complex.With dating apps such as Tinder and Grindr taking over from the more traditional dating websites, it seems that appearances are more important than personalities.

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