Who is adam clayton dating

However, Clayton, with his more ambiguous religious views, was less concerned, and so was more of an outsider.

In 1995, after the Zoo TV Tour and Zooropa album, Clayton headed to New York with bandmate Mullen to receive formal training in the bass; until then Clayton had been entirely self-taught.

During that period, he worked on U2's experimental album, released under the pseudonym "Passengers", entitled Original Soundtracks 1.

That album features one of the few instances where Clayton has appeared as a vocalist; he spoke the last verse of "Your Blue Room", the album's second single.

His father was a pilot with the Royal Air Force, who moved into civil aviation, and his mother was a former airline stewardess.

Bono, The Edge, and Mullen had joined a Christian group, and were questioning the compatibility of rock music with their spirituality.

At age 13, Clayton entered the private St Columba's College secondary school in Rathfarnham, Dublin.

Here he made friends with other pupils who were enthusiastic about the pop/rock music acts of the period, including The Who, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and Carole King.

A second ceremony and a lavish wedding reception will commence in France beginning Friday.

This is Clayton's first marriage; he was briefly engaged to supermodel Naomi Campbell in 1994 but they broke up months later.

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