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I had a bottle growing up in the 80s and used it all up, I loved it. I found another vintage bottle on ebay that no one seemed to want to give a home to and I thought "WHY NOT! Arpege, thank you for still being good, even if your time with me will be limited to older bottles. It's a little sweet but in the most magical non -synthetic way. Ladies, oh ladies, let me tell you :) I work mainly from home and I wear fragrances to suit myself.

I bought a newish bottle a while ago and I really really couldn't stand it. I recently rotated my perfumes and although I don't really think of Arpege as belonging to any particular season, I reach for it more in the colder weather.

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New package is work of art director of the house of Lanvin - Alber Elbaz, whose main theme was mother-daughter relation, i.e.

It keeps the promise of romance and refined elegance in our rushed and busy lives.

Each new generation dares to explore is mysteries and love it or hate it, it still carries its own. I'm not against modern fragrances but I seem to be super picky about them. And it truly lived up to my expectations Update: I'm wearing this today and this is gorgeous.

It is heartbreakingly beautiful and somewhat elusive.

The fascination with Arpege is that it carries these mysteries that we will never solve.

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